Blacklist API

The Blacklist API was made to manage the repository of customers who don’t want to receive our awesome emails. This API contains the basic methods and will allow to our customers to maintain these lists directly without having to work along with Account Managers.


Integrations API

Our Integrations API allows merchants using various eCommerce, booking or payment platforms to instantly access VePlatform. The API creates a programmatic way of doing the integration, therefore it can be used by individuals as well as platforms or agencies who want to easily integrate with Ve.


Inventory API

Our Inventory API allows Ve clients to upload their entire collection of products to our database. This gives our customer’s full reign over which products can be pulled into product feeds and recommended products within VePanel.


Invoicing API

Our Invoice API allows Ve clients to view their customer’s invoice and transaction details using a range of different criteria. This enables our clients to filter their search based on information such as invoices for a given day, invoices specific to a certain customer if you are an agency or invoices for multiple clients, besides granular details for all the transactions.


Promocode API

The Promocode API provides our clients with the ability to upload either unique, single or dynamic promotional codes by themselves. Automating the input of these codes into our systems will allow clients to rapidly create their own seamless campaigns. Ultimately these promo codes will be offered to customers through our clients’ site.


Throttling tiers


The users are allowed to make 1 call/minute and 100 calls/day


Customers only