Tech Blog

By Vlad Precup
Posted 23 March 2017

The road from IaaS to PaaS

Thoughts on migrating your hosted services to scalable cloud platforms
By Adriana Fratean
Posted 16 March 2017

Celebrating 1 year of IT community events hosted @VeLabs Cluj

A year rich of wonderful meetups, workshops and more than 490 guests and one happy Talent Manager 😊.
By Dave Hillier
Posted 14 March 2017

Thoughts on Circular Dependencies

What is a Circular Dependency, why is it a bad thing and what can we do about it?
By Tudor Lehene
Posted 19 January 2017

Speech recognition, the JavaScript (annyang) way

A cool way to make your website or app interact with you by voice commands!
By Arantza Beitia
Posted 17 January 2017

PostCSS, the CSS of the future

If there's one thing you really need to know about PostCSS, it's that you should learn what it is and how to use it ASAP
By Adrian Mihasan
Posted 10 January 2017

8 Reasons to use Xamarin

This article describes Xamarin, emphasizing its key concepts.
By Daniel de la Peña
Posted 30 December 2016

Optimizing Sql Queries. First Steps

This article will show you some simple tips to improve your database skills
By Shamyla Sidd
Posted 16 December 2016

Using Charters, Heuristics and Oracles

Not many tech folks have heard of these testing tools & processes before despite using them. Intrigued? Read on...
By Adriana Fratean
Posted 15 November 2016

Work hard, play hard!

This article will show you why happier employees are more productive & how we apply the concept “Work hard, play hard!” @VeLabs Cluj
By Dorin Puscas
Posted 27 October 2016

Document your API with Swagger

On this article you can find a short presentation of Swagger UI and a simple way in which you can easily document your ASP .NET Web API by using this tool.