Tech Blog

By Bart Farrell
Posted 21 October 2016

Bilbao Tech Week 2016 Retrospective

Three months, 500 emails and 10,000 whatsapp messages later, Bilbao Tech Week finally came to fruition.
By Roxana Salanta
Posted 14 October 2016

Test flow - How to Cope With Daily Challenges

Improve yourself with mental training for staying in the flow during your testing sessions
By Ricardo Devis
Posted 06 October 2016

Building an API with Scratch

Do you feel the need to teach kids to program but want to suck the fun out of it? This is your article.
By Vlad Roman
Posted 26 September 2016

Buffer Pool Extension

A new feature which can help you improving the performance of SQL Server
By Mihai Bodea
Posted 15 September 2016

Introduction to C# Generics

What are generics? Are they for you? Should you use them in your applications? In this article, we'll answer these questions.
By James Pain
Posted 12 September 2016

Agile London hosted by VeLabs

VeLabs held an event for the Agile London community in early September of 2016. Agile enthusiasts came from across London and beyond to hear our industry expert speakers, and to meet new people.
By Alberto Varela
Posted 07 September 2016

My Point Of View About Personal Branding For Developers

Being internally passionate about your job is necessary but not enough, you need to shout it out for the entire world to hear.
By Andra Net
Posted 01 September 2016

Back to School - Topdown Design and Stepwise Refinement

Do you remember how we were doing things back in school?
By Camelia Gui
Posted 24 August 2016

Life in Tech(ni)Color(s)

What does a Product Manager do? Let us discover that together! I still have no clue.
By Ligia Salanta
Posted 17 August 2016

Pair Testing

The purpose of this post is to give an overview on pair testing in an Agile world