Bilbao Tech Week 2016 Retrospective

Three months, 500 emails and 10,000 whatsapp messages later, Bilbao Tech Week finally came to fruition.
By Bart Farrell Posted 21 October 2016

Bilbao Tech Week 2016 Retrospective

What was Bilbao Tech Week?

Three months, 500 emails and 10,000 whatsapp messages later, Bilbao Tech Week finally came to fruition. There were good moments, there were bad moments and there were moments where I wanted to walk away from the whole thing, but it has doubtlessly been one of the greatest experiences of my life. The teamwork, the coming together, the collective struggle towards a common goal all made it worth it.

Why did it happen?

An attempt to prove that it could be done. Four universities, over 30 companies, nearly 50 speakers. Most people thought it was crazy, too ambitious and even reckless- and you know what? They were right. The odds were against us, and that’s exactly how we wanted it.

It was a learning experience. We learned that it was possible despite the fact that it was gruelling, draining and exhausting. We learned that “if you build it, they will come” in the truest sense of the phrase. We built an opportunity, a meeting point where those who know could share their knowledge with those who don’t. And they, meaning you, came. Perhaps not as many as we expected, but only by arriving to the final days we exceeded our expectations.

We gave people a chance to expand their horizons, to open themselves up to new technologies, new possibilities and a better understanding of the incredible things be done by incredible people that are happening in their own city.

We also raised around 1000 euros for VASS San Filippo Euskadii which will go directly to help the families whose children/relatives are affected by the syndrome. Special thanks also go to Basqueland Brewing Project for providing wonderful craft beer.

Raul Martinez

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What happens next?

We take this and we grow it, we nurture it. We continue with our mission to make Bilbao a technological reference both locally and internationally. We want to give more visibility to the wide variety of innovative projects taking place in our own neighbourhood. Our work is to support companies so they can create jobs so that the students of today have somewhere to work tomorrow. For a stronger present, for a brighter future, for a better home.

How can you help?

Get in touch. Our doors are always open. or

Bart Farrell
Bart Farrell
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