Pre //Build events and what to expect

What is build all about. And this year it is to show off this new Microsoft and the company that started the change with Satya.
By Gabriel Nepomuceno Posted 30 March 2016

Pre //Build events and what to expect

I'm here at the //Build in San Francisco, and despite of officially stating just tomorrow the event has already started to move the city and the tech community as a whole.

Microsoft has changed

This is the big change that I've seen when I was here for the last time in //Build 2014 and by that time you could start to see the change. Microsoft was focusing more and more on the cloud an productivity. By the time the mission of the company was different and the change was not that deep as I see now.

What you see now it is a more mature Microsoft that really cares about bringing the best productivity for the developer, that is getting more open every day. All started with the embrace for open source pushed really hard by the .Net team. I remember everyone cheering in 2014 when they announced that Roslyn was going to be open source! Now this is the norm of Microsoft no one is expecting anymore big surprises for //Build because most of the great things accomplished last year are already on the open. Dot Net Core the Visual Studio Integrations and most of the developer tools are already open source. These has made the build more a celebration of the great achievements of the last year and not the announcement place. But of course everyone is waiting at least RC2 of dot net core to be announced.

With that Microsoft was left to make the big announcements on parts that we cannot follow the development yet. and they are promising amazing things on that.

But //Build it is not just about the announcements build it is about meeting people and the initiatives that are going on around the world.

The event has already started

First I need to give some Kudos for Microsoft. Build it is for sure the most well organized event that I have ever been. The registration it is a really good and efficient process the venue is amazing and there are tons of people to assist you with every need. Anyway a conference that is expensive as Build is this was expected but always good to see this been fulfilled.

By the sign on the outside you can see that Microsoft now it is all about the CLOUD!

Microsoft if all about the cloud

Other events were present today after the scandal of Microsoft last weeks with sexist parties was good to see that they are trying to compensate with one event dedicated to women in code! The event itself was awesome the women who were there were really good on their field. The big message was that we need to get over this impression that there is meritocracy in Tech.

Women who build

As a black guy in a field dominated by white man, I need to agree with this girls. We are still miles alway from equality in tech and the problem starting by the way that we treat our girls. They need more role models and we should encourage every women that we know on the industry to stay here and to be open to talk with this girls, sometimes all that they need it is to know that someone else has done it too :)

But the event was not just the talk like all events in build the food and the open bar were awesome!

Food Build

And more food

More Food Build

What to expect

Today is the first day and we are waiting for a lot of announcements of many kinds. Especially on Windows Azure and Windows itself. Everyone is waiting for the changes like bash on windows or integration with docker both of them that have been leaked already. But what I expect more than all of this is the direction that Microsoft will be taking now and hints about what will make us Love Windows and Love Azure because that is the love that Microsoft is deploy in need right now. And I'm sure that this innovations and the competition that this will generate will make the things even more exiting on the tech industry.

I will try to give some insights day to day on that during the conference :)

Thank you all :)

Gabriel Nepomuceno
Gabriel Nepomuceno
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