Visual Studio Code

The awesome cross platform code editor written in Node
By Ciprian Stupinean Posted 03 December 2015

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a new choice of tool that combines the simplicity of a code editor with what developers need for their code-edit-debug cycle. It offers a lightweight code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux and OS X. Yes, it’s a cross platform code editor from Microsoft, and it’s free! This code editor is suitable for modern web and cloud applications and provides built-in support for multiple languages together with code assistance and navigation for all supported languages.

The editor contains all features of a standard tool that one expects from a modern code editor, including syntax highlighting, customizable keyboard shortcuts, bracket matching and snippets. Also VS Code comes with the Git support feature which helps developers to keep their work under source control.

VS Code is file and folder based - you can get started immediately by opening a file or folder in VS Code. On top of this, VS Code can read and take advantage of a variety of project files defined by different frameworks and platforms. For example, if the folder you opened in VS Code contains one or more package.json, project.json, tsconfig.json, or ASP.NET 5 Visual Studio solution and project files, VS Code will read these files and use them to provide additional functionality such as rich IntelliSense in the editor.

Top Features

  • Fast
  • Debugging - awesome, fast, and easy debugging of server side JavaScript and and C#
  • Intellisense - C#, TypeScript and even JavaScript and JSON... not to mention autocomplete and hints
  • Git integration - super helpful to be able to integrate with git, show diffs, stage, commit, clean
  • Refactoring - tons of features that make refactoring easy and fast

Awesome Runner ups…

  • Task running - I can run gulp and other tasks directly from VSCode
  • Autosave
  • Go to symbol, file, task, whatever! - VSCode makes it at a keystroke away to find anything you want to do
  • Customization - You can customize key bindings, tasks, editor settings - pretty much everything
  • Quick Fix - VSCode is giving you hints on the code that you can refactor, and it will also offer suggestions on how to do it!
  • Multi instance - You can open many instances and toggle between different projects!

You can download from here


Feature Image: by laboratoriolinux

Ciprian Stupinean
Ciprian Stupinean