Tech Talks

Here at VeLabs we are proud of our extensive offering of reciprocal tech talks; taking place in London, Bilbao and Cluj, the variety of talks are given by specialists in their area allowing us to share a vast range of knowledge with you.

The aim of these talks is for us to reach out to other professionals in the industry and share our knowledge with them in return for a presentation of a similar nature; giving both parties a mutually beneficial insight into each other’s experience in the industry and different challenges they have faced.

Each of the talks lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour and can take place either inside or outside of working hours. If you are interested in arranging any of the talks listed below with us please email

Sebastian Silaghi – Senior Developer In Test

With more than 5 years’ experience in the software quality assurance domain, Sebastian prides himself on a ‘can do’ attitude, always ensuring the highest of standards and is driven by results. A great interest in automation testing, he continuously challenges himself to improve the automation process and identify the best solutions.


  • Automation Testing.
Cristian Cazan – Development Director

Starting his career as a developer more than 15 years ago Cristian has gone on to be both Head of Development and Delivery Manager for a multinational Software Company within the last couple of years. Breathing technical excellence, Cristian has a positive impact on the environment in which he works; helping to build the vision, define the culture and create leaders. As well as this he offers training and support to his team, helping them to fully embrace the ethos and progress through each phase of application lifecycle to successful delivery. In March 2015 Cristian took on the challenge of starting up Ve’s development centre in Cluj. As Development Director, Cristian currently heads up a team of over 70 talented professionals; together helping Ve to challenge the status quo in the digital world and become one of the IT giants. Cristian likes to speak about the values he believes in, presenting at various international conferences using a very original approach by combining the passion for science fiction with his Enterprise Agile expertise in presentations such as: “Back to the future”, “Trust the Force, Luke”, “Crash and Burndown”.


  • Agile, Continuous Delivery.
Alexandru Ivan – Product Manager

Alex is a Software Engineer turned Product Manager. He is enthusiastic about being at the forefront of building products that bring value to the people and businesses using them. He has been involved in the conception, building, release and maintenance of products and web integrations in both start-up and corporate environments.


  • Product Management & Product Development.
Camelia Gui – Product Manager

Camelia is enthusiastic about all aspects of her work and always up for something new. Priding herself on motivating those around her she only onboards projects she believes in. With 8 years of experience in BPO, Finance, Advertising and Logistics in a multinational environment, she has now moved to Ve to take on the new challenge of building products. Eager to take on the world of eCommerce she is also keen to educate others on the industry and share her enthusiasm about what she does.


  • Product and stakeholder’s management.
Ciprian Filipas – Senior Developer

With more than 6 years’ experience Ciprian has worked across various fields. Involved in C/C++ development in his youth he has progressed towards the Mobile x-platform field, working to create a framework from scratch (MoSync). Currently, he is creating enterprise oriented solutions in .NET. Aside from his interest in Software, Ciprian is passionate about Continuous Delivery and strives to achieve greatness by automating everything in a smart manner. He is an open, ambitious and fun person with an interest in computer modding, content creation (video) and vlogging.


  • Software Development (.Net/C#) & Continuous Delivery.
Ioan Sut – Mid Developer / Scrum Master

Ioan is a Scrum Master and .NET Developer at VeInteractive; currently working on various .NET projects using the latest technologies on the market. He believes expanding your knowledge every day is incredibly beneficial; both professionally and personally. Ioan is keen to share what he has learnt as a software developer and scrum master in order to help others improve their performance in their day to day work and to offer a different vision of software craftsmanship.


  • Software Development (Azure, .Net/C#, Continuous Delivery).
Denis Salanta – Architect

Denis is a full stack developer who enjoys building distributed systems in an agile manner. He is passionate about resolving business challenges through software and believes in Haber's Law: "If it can be done in Software, it will."


  • Software Development (Azure, .Net/C#, Architecture, Continuous Delivery).
Asier Perez – Infrastructure Lead


  • Scaling queue systems with Azure Service Bus.